Once you’ve started earning enough money at ClixSense (remember, you’re goal should be $1.00 per day), you’ll want to open an account with on online payment processor so you can begin to receive money that you can use to invest in our next program. We are not going to settle for $1.00 a day, are we? Of course not! By now you probably know it requires far too much effort to earn $1.00 a day just for the sake of earning $1.00 a day. Stay focused on our ultimate goal of making a living from home, though, and I’ll show you how we’re going to start multiplying both our efforts and our money.

The preferred and probably most widely accepted payment processor is PayPal. You should open your free account by clicking on this link: PayPal

Once you get your PayPal account setup, you will want to earn about $40 before transferring funds from your ClixSense account to your PayPal account. Yes, that’s a little more than $1.00 per day for 30 days, but I’ll explain those details in the next step – Getting Your Own Website.

With that said, there have been some issues between PayPal and many internet marketing companies where disagreements between these companies and PayPal have resulted in PayPal freezing accounts, leading to members of these site losing money (or at least, potential money). This actually has little or nothing to do with the legality of these companies, but is almost always related to discrepancies in the marketing philosophies of these companies and PayPal‘s Terms of Service (TOS). I have, on more than one occasion, lost money (or potential money) due to these disputes with PayPal. Does this mean PayPal is at fault, or the companies it has done business with are at fault? Perhaps both, perhaps neither. It doesn’t really matter. I continue to hold an active PayPal account and use it for many of my online activities. I still use it, for example, with my ClixSense account. I’m only bringing up the topic here for educational purposes. You may, on occasion, run into issues with payment processors and the internet marketing companies you choose to deal with, whether these payment processors and internet marketing companies are recommended here or elsewhere.

Another highly accepted payment processor (and another that I use) is SolidTrustPay. In many cases, internet marketing companies that have abandoned PayPal turn to STP as another option, and most people are happy with that option. In addition to being a payment processor, STP also offers a referral program which pays its members a small percentage of fees collected from members they refer. PayPal doesn’t offer anything like this. You should also sign up for SolidTrustPay while you’re in the process of opening accounts with online payment processors. It will save you some time and headaches in the future.